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Wellness Rooms

The Wellness Rooms are dedicated to promoting and producing health and wellbeing. They are the home of a variety of projects and activities such as yoga, art, craft classes, flower arranging, IT skills and will also offer support and advice, mental well-being, anxiety sessions, debt management and confidence building. Our aim is to produce a healthy space within the community that will enable individuals to reach their full potential.

Our groups consist of individuals, living in the borough, who are experiencing adversity in their lives.  This may be financial, social or health related. Many of the people who visit us have experienced social isolation which has occurred due to resettlement, unemployment, bereavement, or long term health conditions. 

inclusive, creative, welcoming space.
volunteers make the difference

The Wellness Rooms are designed to be an inclusive, creative, welcoming space.

The Wellness Rooms support individuals by providing a safe, consistent, accessible, welcoming place. 

The purpose of The Wellness Rooms is:

To recognise and develop people by engaging in meaningful activity which creates a sense of purpose and empowers individuals. Allowing them to contribute positively to their community.