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Before you order please ensure you understand what this charity is about. We prevent food from going to landfill and also preventing food poverty.
Your parcel is generally at least half what it would cost in the supermarket but due to the nature of the business, we can’t tell you exactly what will be in your parcel. The list is a guide but some items may be substituted.
There may be items in your parcel that are past the ‘best before’ date and mostly these are extra items other than what we state on the list. Best before is simply guidance and means that food is better before that date.
We don’t give anything that is past its use-by date. If something has been frozen by ourselves on the use-by date it will have a sticker on with “use within 1month of freezing” this is all with approval from trading standards and environmental health. You may get extra things in your parcel that have the same date on, a lot of these items can be frozen at home or used the same day. Please don’t order from us if you’re not entirely happy with this.